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Dietary & Food supplement product registration In Israel

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Guidelines for the process of food or food supplement registration in Israel

If you are planning to market your food or food supplements in Israel – you will need to undertake the procedure for registering food or food supplements at the Ministry of Health (according to the Public Health Regulations, 5757-1997).
The National Food Service is the regulatory body at the Israeli Ministry of Health, that is responsible for food and food supplements approval. The NFS strictly examines the safety and quality of each dietary supplement product that is about to be registered and marketed in Israel.
Only after fulfillment of the Ministry of Health’s requirements based on these guidelines, and after applying for registration and import of food/dietary supplements and compliance with the high standards of the Israeli Health Ministry, the product will be officially approved for marketing in Israel.

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Here are several licenses and requirements from the Israeli Ministry of Health for food & dietary supplements

  • Business license (food): A business working in the field of food is required by law to hold a business license.
  • Food import license (Importer Registration Certificate): A person who wishes to import food to Israel is required to receive an Approval from the National Food Service at the Ministry of Health.
  • Food Manufacturer License: This license is issued to factories or other businesses that are involved in the production processes, the storage or packaging of raw materials or products.
  • Registration of new food: any manufacturer, marketing agent, and importer of a new food/dietary supplement is required to hold an Approval from the Ministry of Health. For example: food supplements, raw materials, flavorings, baby food, preservatives and others.
    In case you are a company registered outside Israel, some local agents can be work with the client, and based on our vast experience, long term fruitful business relationships can be made with our clients.
  • The text and graphics for the label and package of the products: Tests should be arranged and submitted for printing. In case the food/dietary supplement is intended for domestic use, the labeling and instructions for use must be provided in English, Hebrew and Arabic. In the case the food/dietary supplement is intended for professional use only within health facilities, the labeling and instructions for use may only be in English.
    After registration, each food/dietary supplement category requires different handling:
  • Food from animal origin:
    Food derived from animal origin and kept at a controlled temperature.
  • Non-animal food:
    Sensitive food – Milk and dairy products, foods intended for consumption by infants, food supplements, meat and fish and their derived products.
    Regular food – Food products and food supplements.

Research and development

Consulting in a variety of areas, including design, research laboratories and clean rooms, development technologies, investor business presentations, regulatory strategies, market analysis, clinical trial protocols, GLP, GCP, ISO 17025, calibration, CMC and professional training.

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Designing factories, clean rooms and laboratories, engineering documentation, certification, technology selection, process engineering, and validation, with a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and in-depth understanding of biomed regulations and in accordance with GxP principles.

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Consulting on manufacturing plant design, manufacturing process development and engineering, selecting the most appropriate technology, process scale-up, technology transfer, GMP, process improvement, yield optimization and improvement, employee training, validation of equipment, systems, and production and cleaning processes.

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GxP, quality and validation

Advises, establishes, accompanies and upgrades various types of quality management systems, offers GMP training and courses, coordinates adoption of GxP principles, ISO 13485, quality assurance and preparation for global regulatory audits while conducting risk analysis and evaluation, and verification and validation of equipment, systems, software, test methods, manufacturing and cleaning processes, until  a successful audit outcome is obtained.

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Regulation and registration

Regulatory consulting and drug registration,  medical devices, CE mark, dietary/nutritional supplements and cosmetics in Israel and worldwide, building a smart regulatory strategy, helping to prepare documents and meet requirements in a professional manner, in a short time, product labeling, shelf life and graphics, import licenses and meetings with regulatory bodies, until approval  (marketing authorization) is received.

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Software and systems

Digital healthcare consulting, software development and medical applications in accordance with US  FDA 21 CFR part 11 / EU Annex 11 / US HIPAA / EU GDPR requirements, ISO 13485/ISO 27001/ISO 27799, CE marking, risk assessment, verification and validation of software and control systems until marketing authorization (approval) is obtained.

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The key to successful export/import of dietary & food supplement and registration in Israel depends on the consulting and support of professionals, experienced and knowledgeable in all processes at the Israeli Ministry of Health.
Apart from the Ministry of Health’s approval and the registration of food and food supplements. We are familiar with the regulatory requirements in many areas and we will be happy to assist you.

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