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The process of pharmaceutical and drug product registration in Israel

The main regulatory body for pharmaceutical administration in Israel is the Registration Department of the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel (IMOH). The department activities are based on the Pharmacy Regulations of 1986. The regulations are periodically updated.

According to the pharmacy regulations, a medicinal product must be registered in the National Drugs Registry after its quality, safety and efficacy have been proven. The IMOH registration department is responsible for the content of the drug product registry and for updating it.

The main goal of registration is, obviously, to protect public health and it acts as a barrier to the marketing of poor quality and dangerous/unsafe/adulterated medicines. It also enables physicians to prescribe, with a high degree of confidence, safe and effective medicines to patients.

The IMOH registration department sets policies and procedures for the registration of medicinal preparations containing new substances (innovative products) as well as generic medicines, makes rules regarding limitations to marketing of medicines, and provides information to the public, patients and physicians by publishing leaflets, labels, policies on approval of medicine advertising and promotional materials, and more.

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Pharmaceutical and drug product registration and submissions in Israel - Bio Chem
Pharmaceutical and drug product registration and submissions in Israel - Bio Chem
Pharmaceutical and drug product registration and submissions in Israel - Bio Chem
Pharmaceutical and drug product registration and submissions in Israel - Bio Chem
Pharmaceutical and drug product registration and submissions in Israel - Bio Chem
Pharmaceutical and drug product registration and submissions in Israel - Bio Chem

Pharmaceutical (drug) product registration requirements in Israel

Before and during the IMOH product registration process, you need to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of the medicinal product.
The registration holder must adhere to strict regulatory requirements, including the following :

  • Every pharmaceutical product must have a registration file.
  • The registration holder, via an authorized (licensed) pharmacist, may register a pharmaceutical product in Israel.
  • The registration holder must be an official, Israeli representative of the drug product manufacturer/rights owner.
  • Appointing a QP pharmacist/local consulting firm who will be responsible for all medicine registration activities and interactions with the IMOH.
  • Submission of a registration file and sample analyses (if necessary) for marketing a new medicine.
  • Reporting and monitoring of possible variations in the registration conditions of medicine.
  • Updating the information about the registration condition, when required, and being aware of regulatory changes in the country.
  • To guarantee efficacy, perform marketing activities for the appropriate audience.
  • If the medicine is manufactured outside of Israel, obtain an annual import license/approval.

The pharmaceutical/medicinal/drug product registration process in Israel

  • Completion of application forms and submission of relevant documents based on pharmaceutical product type.
  • The documents will be reviewed by the IMOH registration department. Documentation will also be reviewed by the Institute of Control and Certification of Pharmaceutical Materials in order for them to issue quality certification for the product.
  • The application will be forwarded to the relevant committee discussion.
  • After quality certification approval, the process will be continued at the registration department.
  • If no deficiencies are found, the drug product will be registered.

Research and development

Consulting in a variety of areas, including design, research laboratories and clean rooms, development technologies, investor business presentations, regulatory strategies, market analysis, clinical trial protocols, GLP, GCP, ISO 17025, calibration, CMC and professional training.

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Design and engineering

Designing factories, clean rooms and laboratories, engineering documentation, certification, technology selection, process engineering, and validation, with a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and in-depth understanding of biomed regulations and in accordance with GxP principles.

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Manufacture and packaging

Consulting on manufacturing plant design, manufacturing process development and engineering, selecting the most appropriate technology, process scale-up, technology transfer, GMP, process improvement, yield optimization and improvement, employee training, validation of equipment, systems, and production and cleaning processes.

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GxP, quality and validation

Advises, establishes, accompanies and upgrades various types of quality management systems, offers GMP training and courses, coordinates adoption of GxP principles, ISO 13485, quality assurance and preparation for global regulatory audits while conducting risk analysis and evaluation, and verification and validation of equipment, systems, software, test methods, manufacturing and cleaning processes, until  a successful audit outcome is obtained.

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Regulation and registration

Regulatory consulting and drug registration,  medical devices, CE mark, dietary/nutritional supplements and cosmetics in Israel and worldwide, building a smart regulatory strategy, helping to prepare documents and meet requirements in a professional manner, in a short time, product labeling, shelf life and graphics, import licenses and meetings with regulatory bodies, until approval  (marketing authorization) is received.

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Software and systems

Digital healthcare consulting, software development and medical applications in accordance with US  FDA 21 CFR part 11 / EU Annex 11 / US HIPAA / EU GDPR requirements, ISO 13485/ISO 27001/ISO 27799, CE marking, risk assessment, verification and validation of software and control systems until marketing authorization (approval) is obtained.

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