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About the dietary supplements & cosmetic industries

In recent years we’ve seen a trend characterized by more people trying to maintain good health, especially in light of the growing population and rise in life expectancy and standard of living. People are looking for treatment, relief, and prevention in both the products they purchase and in their choice of lifestyle, and are trying to stay active and healthy. Cosmetics allow consumers to look better and preserve their external appearance during adolescence and over the years.
In the last decade, sales of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and herbal products have risen sharply. Many new companies have entered the industry, mainly due to lower regulatory barriers compared to the pharmaceutical industry and the ability to sell products at high prices without the need for clinical evidence or proof.

This trend of transitioning to prevent disease, or preventative care, has supported growth of the dietary supplement industry. The desire to look and feel “forever young” supports high growth rates of medical cosmetics and medical aesthetics.  Another trend, that of preferring to use natural products instead of synthetic drug products, has also supported the dietary supplement industry in the last decade.
In the past, patients would receive treatment only from doctors, but that is no longer the case. Consumers increasingly rely on databases and the internet to self-diagnose and identify targeted health needs. This trend has benefited manufacturers of vitamins, dietary supplements and cosmetics, and enables consumers to be more proactive while finding more customized solutions.

It is important to note that the dietary supplements and cosmetics industries are characterized by products that are clinically effective, and that these industries are highly regulated. Nevertheless, there is real concern about the presence of unsafe or ineffective products on the market.

Our consulting services in the dietary supplements & cosmetics fields

What do our customers say?

“Eran from Bio-Chem supported and Counseled Medimor Ltd. during transformation from antenna Manufacturer company named “Galtronics” to be a one of the leading Medical Device turnkey subcontractor in Israel. The project included state of the art clean rooms facility design and inspection, qualifications and GMP training. I enjoyed working with Eran and Bio-Chem team. They performed excellent professional work and were very committed to the project with the highest standards a customer can ask for. Eran and Bio-Chem Completed the project tasks in satisfactory quality level and in a timely manner”

Ofer Sagi, Quality Engineering manager at J&J

“I have used Bio-Chem, for external GMP inspection in one of our TEVA facilities. The inspection was done in a very professional manner by Bio-Chem team. The inspector was well skilled and experienced; and the inspection was thorough and efficient. Thank you!”

Dr. Gali Guzikevich, Sr. Director GMP QA, Innovative R&D, Teva

“Eran Yona performed two GMP and one ISO audits that evaluate our contractors. Excellent performance, deep cGMP/ISO knowledge, customer orientation and fasts communication characteristic. Final audit reports were provided during a really short time, and additional questions that I had were answered quickly and accurately. It would be a pleasure to work with Eran on any project again in the future”

Georgy Laskov, QP at Zoetis

“For the Bio-Chem team, working with you is professional and relevant, with a pleasant and courteous reference. On this occasion, we thank you for your support throughout the period we work together, and we would love to recommend Bio-Chem as an excellent and professional company.”

Dr. Yael Koresh, QA Minipac

“Many thanks to Eran Yona and the Bio-Chem staff. The staff was invited on a short notice to a new facility, the work was done professionally while meeting very tight and rigid schedules. Professional team with lots of patience and courtesy. I would love to recommend Biochem as an excellent and professional company ”

Simha Vazana, QA Manager Phibro

“Eran Yona and Bio-Chem has many years of experience in industrial pharmaceuticals from design to construction, validation and GMP manufacturing. In all our interactions I was very satisfied with their recommendations and practical suggestions. They helped the companies I was involved with to overcome practical manufacturing and regulatory obstacles”

Adrian Harel, CEO at Medicortex Finland Oy

“Eran Yona and the Bio-Chem team have consulted for Sigma Aldrich on GMP and Validations towards an FDA regulatory inspection. The company was professional and service-oriented throughout the entire project. All documentation supplied was well written and detailed. Bio-Chem’s support has allowed our organization to complete the project on-time and successfully. Their guidance has improved our company’s regulatory compliance and manufacturing processes.”

Inbal Kapry Barel, Sigma Aldrich

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