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Manufacture & packaging in the medical device field

In-depth knowledge on the medical device as well it’s usage, risks and relevant regulatory requirements are an essential part before defining the required facility, cleanness level and manufacturing and packaging technologies. Information and data from the development teams should be handover to the Engineers to design the manufacturing, assembly and packaging processes properly.

The medical device industry, is characterized by a competitive environment over the last decade, and as a result, the manufacturing and packaging processes should be designed for maximum efficiency , high-quality and safety. this situation forces medical device companies to rethink the costs of production, operation and quality, to acquire and implement innovative technologies for streamlining processes characterized by a short return on investment, alongside the adoption of excellent process and operational methodologies such as Best lean, 5S, 6-Sigma and the like.

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Manufacture & packaging consulting services in the medical device filed

  • Clean rooms design

  • Production, assembly and packaging lines design

  • Advanced manufacturing, assembly and packaging technologies

  • Production, assembly and packaging process engineering

  • Production, assembly and packaging procedures writing

  • Product testing in manufacturing and assembly processes

  • Validation for manufacturing, assembly, packaging and cleaning

  • Medical Device Sterilization Technologies
  • Equipment and medical device components cleaning methods

  • Production, assembly and packaging processes improvements

  • Procedures and policies writing

  • Biocompatible materials for medical devices

  • Medical devices manufacturing processes development

  • Employees training

  • Key process metrics (KPIs)

  • Risk analysis for the medical device

  • Preparation towards external regulatory audits

  • Supplier site inspection and qualification

  • Medical projects management

  • Medical device manufacturing and assembly troubleshooting

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