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Quality, Validation & GxP in the Dietary supplements & Cosmetics field

Supplements-The dietary and cosmetic supplement industry provides products for treatment, whether clinically proven or not, the purpose of which is to improve the quality of life and health. Because such products are used by clients and are not supervised or recommended by the attending physicians, there are many risks, such as exposure to unsafe products, side effects, use of substances found to be unhealthy/harmful, and even interaction with the types of drugs used by the client

Worldwide, beliefs about maintaining public health, while minimizing the likelihood and risk of harm to human life and therefore, the regulation of nutritional supplements and cosmetics become stricter as time goes on. Quality and GXP dominate all processes involved in the manufacture of nutritional supplements and cosmetics, from supplier selection and raw materials, Through the development, production, packaging, quality control, storage and distribution of goods to end customers, the Quality Assurance Department (QA) will be responsible for defining the quality policy in the company, through qualifications such as GMP, GDP and assimilating proper conditions, through quality training and certification. For the organization’s employees,
The quality field of the additive and cosmetic industries has received a “backbone” in recent years, forcing manufacturers to improve production facilities and controls over production processes. Senior, to staff a quality culture organization that supports continuous improvement processes while meeting the standards required to provide customers with quality, safe and effective products. Besides the strict management and quality assurance and control area, the additive and cosmetic industries are characterized by complex manufacturing technologies, which, besides infrastructures such as clean rooms, water and gas supply systems and control systems, also include manufacturing equipment, software, computer systems, testing methods, manufacturing processes, filling and packaging processes. Cleaning, storage and transportation. Therefore, infrastructure, equipment, systems, software, and processes should meet ordained certification tests. Part of the certification process includes validation. Proper verification/certification /validation, alongside an effective and functioning quality system, while adhering to GMP principles, will improve output and product quality and ensure that the final product meets the quality and repeatability requirements dictated by health and regulatory authorities.

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Quality Validation & GxP consulting services in the Dietary supplements & cosmetics

  • Quality systems establishment

  • Policies and procedures writing and training

  • Risk analysis and risk assessments

  • GMP, HACCP, EFSA and ISO 20000 certification

  • Validation protocols and execution

  • Software and ERP systems validation

  • Validation for control and automation systems

  • Validation and verification for cleaning processes

  • Courses and training on quality, GMP and validation

  • Temperature and RH mapping and studies

  • Product stability studies and shelf-life

  • Validation and QA contractors and projects management

  • Microbial contamination prevention and training

  • Quality and GMP training

  • Quality system upgrade and improvement projects

  • Tablets & capsules quality troubleshooting

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