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Regulation & registration in the Dietary supplements & Cosmetics field

Supplements-Dietary supplements, whether proven effective in a clinical trial or preparation for the final stages of development require preparation, proper documentation and preparation of applications for registration with health authorities such as the FDA, European Health Authorities and, of course, the Ministry. Israeli Health.

Compliance with regulatory guidelines and requirements, including the submission of relevant documents, is a prerequisite for approval of registration of the dietary supplement in the target markets to obtain a marketing authorization. While for regular cosmetics, US registration is voluntary but cosmetics still need to be registered in Europe and even FDA registration is highly recommended to differentiate the low-quality cosmetics products marketed in the US
The nutritional and cosmetic product listing paths are varied and sometimes a cosmetic product can be registered as an additive and vice versa. Before deciding on the classification by which we list the product in each of the target markets, it is advisable to carry out a “regulatory strategy” within which the different listing paths in each of the target countries are presented to the customer, taking into accounts such as product protection level, costs, schedules and regulatory requirements. The process of registering a nutritional product or cosmetic product in the various health authorities in the world requires knowledge and experience. Each product registration process is unique, will be reviewed by the health authorities, and will often require professional meetings with the various regulatory bodies to assist those concerned in making the right decisions. In addition, the information that you write about the product/leaflet should be written according to all requirements supplements-

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Regulatory & registration consulting services in the Dietary supplements & Cosmetics

  • ISO 27001 certification

  • ISO 14001 certification

  • GMP and ISO 20000 quality system

  • Registration of dietary supplements in the Israeli Ministry of Health

  • Safety assessment for dietary supplement components

  • Discussion with the Nutrition Supplement Committees

  • Label design and texts for dietary supplements  package

  • Registration of dietary supplements in the FDA and EU

  • Registration of OTC cosmetic products

  • Monitoring  side effects of  dietary supplements

  • Determine the recommended dietary intake and dosage

  • Identifying and monitoring contaminants in dietary supplements

  • Free Trade Certificate application for cosmetics

  • Safety assessment for cosmetics

  • Clinical trials protocols for dietary supplements

  • Regulatory gap analysis and training  towards external audit

  • Registration of cosmetic products in the Israeli Ministry of Health

  • Label design and texts for cosmetic product package

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