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Research & Development in the digital health field

Software engineers and developers in the field of high-tech and digital health are engaged in the conversion of existing technologies or the development of innovative technologies that will march the existing healthcare world into the future. The field of digital health and E-Health is a diverse field that needs to take a multidisciplinary approach to achieve results.
It is important to make the choice of the most appropriate technology, to examine its complexity and cost.

The digital health sector is developing innovative technologies such as database analysis, artificial intelligence, image processing and development, clinical trials, digitization of patient care, EHR / EMR surgery, physician supportive decision tools, voice decoding and more.
Developing digital health products will enable in the distant future, early detection and advancement of health problems, predicting future health problems, preventive medicine, adapting medical treatments to patients, performing large-scale clinical trials, better access to health care for patients, saving time and money, Monitoring patients 24/7, reducing the extent of human error in decoding tests and findings and more.
Digital healthcare development processes are challenging and there are quite a few obstacles to success. In addition to issues such as securing patient information, securing information and connecting technology to existing knowledge among professionals and physicians, there are also simple regulatory challenges. Since these are mostly digital tools in the healthcare field, they are considered as AM / medical devices and as such are subject to all relevant FDA and CE regulatory requirements, ISO 13485 and also include HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

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R&D consulting services in the digital health field

  • Business plan and presentations for investors

  • Development and commercialization strategy for medical software and applications

  • Global regulation strategy

  • Potential partnerships and investment process support

  • Market segment analysis

  • Physician support and consultancy

  • Clinical trials protocols and reports

  • Courses and training

  • Scientific research reports to investors

  • Investors funding and financial strategy

  • Application for funding programs and grants

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