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R&D in the Dietary supplements & Cosmetic field

Researchers in the field of dietary supplements and cosmetics are developing active ingredients, whether from plants or not, have a beneficial effect on the quality of life of patients and of course for the prevention and treatment of diseases, improving the appearance and the like. 

The development process will include a review of the Materials/plants have the potential opposite of the products, formulation, clinical testing, regulatory strategy registering the product, engineering, manufacturing processes and pilot projects to develop technologies to advance the commercial marketing in target markets and following the various health authorities such as the FDA and the standard of the supplements

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R&D consulting services in the Dietary supplements & Cosmetic

  • Tablets, capsules and semi solid products development

  • Cleaning and disinfection processes development

  • New product risk analysis and risk assessment

  • Dietary supplements clinical trials

  • Troubleshooting for cleaning and contamination processes

  • Stability protocols and shelf life determination

  • Dietary supplement development projects management

  • Dissolution profile for tablets and capsules

  • Laboratories design

  • Business plan and presentations for investors and funding

  • Product development and commercialization strategy

  • Investment & funding strategy

  • Preparation towards due-diligence

  • Market analysis

  • Dietary supplement formulation consultancy

  • Dietary supplement and cosmetic products development

  • Planning and engineering manufacturing processes for nutritional supplements and cosmetics

  • Manufacturing technology and process equipment consultancy

  • Dietary supplements and cosmetics manufacturing troubleshooting

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