Quality Engineering Manager, Johnson & Johnson

“Eran from Bio-Chem supported and counseled Medimor Ltd. during its transformation from an antenna manufacturing company named “Galtronics” to one of the leading subcontractors in Israel for planning, development and production of medical equipment and medical devices. Bio-Chem led the planning of the clean rooms at a higher-than-usual standard, supervised building and testing, and the qualification and validation of the clean rooms, the system and equipment. The project included GMP training and for employees who did not originally have any background it the biomed field. I enjoyed working with Eran and the Bio-Chem team. They performed excellent, professional work and demonstrated high levels of commitment throughout the project, while keeping to the highest standards and accommodating the customer’s requests and meeting their expectations. Eran and Bio-Chem completed the project tasks at the required level of quality, while keeping to challenging and tight deadlines, with responsibility and within time and budget constraints.”